از دانشنامه تخصصی کامپیوتر ایران
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A brief article on another factor that we humans take for granted but we never had the luxurious of when we were running barefoot in the fields hunting large mammals. Don not get hot under your collar man Im talking about temperatures control it wouldnt be an article without a bad joke. Today we are in a global where background temperature is constant. Alternatively than toughing environmental surroundings we have air conditioned or heated buildings cars and public transport and so on. Not necessarily often we have to face the extremes in temperature unless of course we are running from the taxi to the building door. We are typically in a very narrow temperature range that suits us. BUT and there is always a but this provides a cost.

There is an ambient thermoneutral zone where energy expenditure is reduced to keep internal temperature in our bodies. If the temperature is too chilly we expend energy by shivering to try and heat ourselves up. If perhaps it is too hot we sweat to cool ourselves down. If it is within this region then our bodies do not need to spend so much energy to maintain core body heat 37 deg cel. With modern technologies our company is blessed enough to keep yourself within this zone almost all time. The by-product is that our systems spend far less energy to settle warm than they would did otherwise. This approach is commonly used to promote weight gain in livestock and I see no reasons why it would not occur in all of us too.

In the 12 months 2000 I used to be lucky enough to travel to Antarctic continent to do some researches field work and study fish and penguin populations in that area. I was very cool almost all of enough time and I actually put on 10 kilos because I was constantly eating. This is a very common phenomenon when people go to the ice. They eat and eat and eat and put on a whole lot of extra weight. The amount of energy needed to keep warm is huge and typically a person eats double the number of calories they normally do to keep up. Of course I had free supply of food and made the almost all of this food. The message from this is that our systems can spend a BIG amount of energy keeping warm or cool and this energy is no longer found in todays world.