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What exactly is corn snake

Corn bees come from the Colubrid family of snakes. Colubrids are typically long slimmer and muscular. They come from around the globe with the exception of Alaska. Also, they are the most popular in the world and make-up over % of the approximate species of bees seen to exist. They are also a type of rat snake which are known for their best rodent hunting ability. Hammer toe snakes are only found in United states.

Where do the name come from

Some hobbyists believe the name is associated with corn cribs and farmville farm yards due to the frequent encounters in such places. Others believe it is due to stunning coloration that is nostalgic to those found in Indian hammer toe.

Corn snake demand little or no in captivity and might survive under the oversight of even the most inexperienced hobbyists. Thus the corn snake makes the perfect choice for the young and novice weekend enthusiast alike. Buying a Hammer toe snake is an important decision that shouldnt be taken lightly nor when it is00 done without proper planning.

Real estate

Kids corn snakes can be housed in a boot box for a few months until it away grows it. Most adults will live comfortably in a gallon tank. The important thing to bear in mind is to be sure it comes with a locking display top. Snakes are known escape artists You can usually find locking fasteners at the local family pet store for getting the top screen.


Hiding is what makes your Hammer toe snake feel secure. This should be adequate to curl up under. The options are endless a hollow sound off log from an pet store an empty credit card board box and an overturned planting pot a cardboard tube from an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll. They will wish to climb so adding a climbing log to the aquarium is firmly recommended. You can find suitable ones from your local or online family pet store. If you need to provide one from outside you associated risk the chance of revealing your reptile to perilous insects such as bugs. You will need to sterilize them by adhering them in the cookware for hrs degrees.


Substrates would be the materials used to cover the base of your snake cages. The purpose of substrate is to soak up the snakes mess. Additionally, it offers them something to get around on. D Below are several choices to consider Newspaper Aspen comforter sets Astroturf indooroutdoor carpet Cypress mulch and Coco bed linens. I take advantage of Aspen bedding for my corn snake. It provides another hide and is not hard to clean up up. Do not use Pine & Planks shavings.