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With 2009 well underway many business sectors continue to go through the stress of the economical recession including the mortgage problems and recent credit crisis. But this years 75 Largest Providers listan twelve-monthly Assisted Living Executive exclusivesuggests that assisted living providers so far haven’t used as heavy a reach.

While growth has stunted from the past few years more than fifty percent of providers surveyed by Assisted Living Executive still report increases in accredited assisted living resident capacity as of January one particular even if its only due to adding one to three new complexes with their portfolios.

Modest Profits and Losses

During 08 no assisted living companies merged and fullcompany transactions were rare. The only company to grow by acquiring sizable competition was Five S tar Senior Living formerly Elegant Quality Attention which bought New Periods Assisted Living Communities Little. 49 on the 08 list and Somerford Corp. The moves helped increase Five Star Senior Living from No. 8 to No. 6 and increased its assisted living capacity by more than forty five percent. However despite a year featuring no big deals the 2009 list shows some reshuffling scheduled to small acquisitions and building. Perhaps not astonishingly the biggest gains stay with the biggest players and are in hard numbers rather than major rank changes.

Sunrise More mature Living continues to top the list with an approximate assisted living person capacity of 32560 models. Actual numbers should be somewhat higher due to construction last year but are not available at press time. Emeritus Senior Living and Brookdale Senior Living maintained the No. 2 and No. 3 places but also continued to grow by 8 percent and 20 percent correspondingly. Assisted living resident capacity increased by 20 percent at Atria Senior Living Group No. 5.

In conditions of percentage progress Senior Care Inc. brought up its assisted living capacity by practically 44 percent an increase that relocated the Louisville Kentuckybased supplier from Number 17 in 2008 to No. 10 this year. Senior Providers of America Number twenty nine grew 27 percent and moved up seven places. Affordable assisted living supplier BMA Management only shifted up three spots to No. 24 but also upped its capacity by 28 percent due to new construction. Mt. Western Retirement Corp. became known as Bonaventure Senior Living Number 25 and elevated its capacity by twenty two percent.

In contrast the major rankchanging action was in the bottom 1 / 2 the list and performed not reflect high real capacity numbers since sixty percent of providers on the list have lower than 2000 assisted living residents. The biggest mover was Senior Management Advisors previously Adult Care Group which jumped from No. 67 to No. 51 by gaining 298 new aided living residents and a 42 percent gain in capacity. Bell Senior Living jumped 10 places from Number 46 to Zero. 36 thanks to twenty-eight percent capacity growth or 309 new assisted living units. Erickson Retirement Neighborhoods also raised its position by nine to Zero. 50 adding 196 devices or 24 percent. Brightview Senior Living/The Shelter Group went from Number seventy to No. 62 with just 149 new devices and a 22 percent capacity increase.