از دانشنامه تخصصی کامپیوتر ایران
پرش به: ناوبری، جستجو

It is evident that social media has changed our world drastically. A very large part of the following change comes in the way we get our daily news. In the old days a good reporter had to hear about an account investigate it interview witnesses and other knowledgeable persons after which write an article for the masses to read. This process will take vast amounts of time. With widespread use of the internet such as news sites and the realtime connectivity of social media sites announcement reporting delays are quickly approaching zero.

This means that a conference can occur and go out of complete obscurity to globally top news in as little as a short while. Major news networks as well as small time bloggers make it all their business to scan online for potential stories. With so many people carrying mobile devices equipped with builtin video cameras and direct internet connectivity a conference can be recorded as it is occurring. Within seconds it can be loaded to the internet for anyone to find. Reports networks have ways of unearthing such videos and tales often through major social communities such as Facebook or Twitter and can almost immediately begin reporting to them. With direct video footage from the incident corroborating the story through research and interviews is practically unnecessary. A good reporter actually only has to know where on the net to look and major styling news stories can virtually pop out at them.

Are these claims complete lack of a hold off in news reporting a good or negative for the earth? In a way it can be both. Confirming news immediately after it happens can definitely be beneficial. For example when a major story that include an earthquake tsunami or other natural disaster arises immediate reporting could help rescue efforts. On the other hand immediately reporting a story without making the effort to fully investigate the facts of the case could lead to false reporting which often can have some devastating consequences. As we both know even events captured upon video may not tell the whole story. Often news reporters are in such a hurry to interrupt the story that they are willing to article the visual evidence seeing that truth whether that is the circumstance or not.