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Selenium is an open source lightweight software testing software owned by the Indien Software Foundation the same ownership that has blueprinted JMeter tool. Selenium Motorisation is recognized as as one of the easiest utilities that allow the users to record and write test results without mastering a specific programming language. [ automation testing courses in london] Rather it assists in the testers to obtain reviews in numerous popular programming intrigue like C JAVA PHP Ruby etc.

Compatibility The selenium automation utility can be installed on almost all popular systems including Windows Macintosh and Apache.

Advantages of Deploying Selenium Automation Testing It is an free performance screening software that could be downloaded openly from the internet and deployed. Since testing features of a site application or webbased program has become very important these times the procedure of freetouse testing tools has become usual. [ selenium automation training london] The below subsections enunciate some of the best perks of carrying out selenium automation assessment

Very Flexible Selenium is definitely an adaptable lightweight structure. Contain uses to its test circumstances and framework to modify the tool according to your project pretty easily. You do not need any special training or to strive hard to execute the test. Its advanced interface guides you in this. And this can be pronounced as the best feature of Selenium Automation tool.

Free of cost As said before Selenium is an available source free to use software testing tool that can be downloaded from the Universe Wide Web. Though it is ownership rights are with ASF but you do not require to get its license or key to use it. [ selenium automation training london] Since cost free it reduces the final service charges.