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Together with the introduction of Android Lollipop a mad scramble has recently started out with manufacturers hastening to update their existing phones to the newest version of operating system helped bring out by Google. This was a plodding affair as the newest version of android mobile operating-system arrived into existence with their redesigned interface. Some other changes include accessing announcements from the lockscreen that is displayed as ads within applications. There have been also some internal changes completed the platform that lead in improvement in program performance and also customizing battery usage.

It was Samsung Galaxy S5 that got the latest android os operating system in the U. S. that was sold at Verizon. The update was announced by the carrier explaining the new aspect and features of the software. The revise is to be folded out to all or any the S5 owners and this means owners have going to the invigorate button repeatedly for the update to get installed in their device. The new software is about 1 GB in size and it is available as an overtheair upgrade.

The Lollipop update is also slowly being received throughout Europe by Galaxy S5 owners and it is closely followed by the remaining U. H. phones. The release of the new firmware will rely upon the speed of approval by the systems. Although not offered to most users in Europe the update will soon strike the Galaxy S4 mobile phones.

The multinational conglomerate revealed the latest Smartphone cellphone with a slim body which is seen as an attempt to keep it is undisputed global Smartphone position.

Galaxy S5 Electric Green Front

There is very good news for Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge owners as the latest Google android 5. 0 operating system for the phones have already started out to be available. It may take a while for the overtheair update to complete but once things work away well there can be a larger release before time. This is to ensure that everything is running easily and effectively that software updates are send away in stages by manufacturers.

Nationwide many Galaxy Be aware Edge owners have discovered the software program available for down load on their phones through an overtheair update. Therefore for owners of these mobiles in Australia check out the availability of software update to see if it has appeared yet.

Samsung has given a visual makeover of an unique Android user user interface to take it at equal footing with the fabric Style of Google that emerged into effect with 5. 0 Lollipop and also a slew of recent features.